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Dr. Sumita Sood

Dean Student Welfare

Dean Student Welfare Message

The Office of Dean Students’ Welfare functions as a nodal centre to promote cooperation and association among students on campus. This office ensures the overall growth of students in a conducive and constructive learning environment. It is a student care and supervision center that serves as a liaison between students and administration. Besides its superb academic environment, Bahra University has many opportunities for the promotion of overall development of its students, facilitating the social leadership, personal well-being, developing high moral values and sound life skills among students. The office of Dean Students Welfare functions as a hub of various activities that promote fraternity, teamwork, integration, accommodation, and unity among the students. To unleash the talent of our students, we meticulously work and promote NSS, NCC, hobby clubs, sports and subject related societies, besides dealing with students’ misconduct and other such irregularities to ensure discipline and safety of the students. Social upliftment, Environmental Conservation and Social awareness are some of the many projects which faculty and students take up together as a team in Bahra University. University organizes societal welfare programs such as blood donation camps, plantation campaigns and awareness rallies at regular intervals to inculcate moral values in all students and develop the feeling of oneness of individual and their environment. we are always at the disposal of our students and give them best wishes for their creative endeavors. Here, I find an opportunity to thank my highly committed team members, who are always ready to help the students in the best possible ways.

Dr.Sumita Sood