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Industrial Practice

Industrial Practice (IP) is a course offered to enable the students experience industry setting, while continuing to be student. Students will also identify and solve real time organizational problems, in their respective allotted industry environments. These industries are called as Industry Practice Centres (IPCs). The duration and semester in which Industrial Practice Programs offered for different programs are shown below:

  •  Students who are not eligible / not registered can register in alternate courses such as thesis, entrepreneurial course, and project course and earn the same credits.
  • Allotment of students to IPCs will be made by considering academic performance, requirement of industry, preference of students and other parameters which University considers as important.
  • A Student who is registered in Thesis or IP or EP courses cannot concurrently register for any other on-campus course.
  • If the performance of the student in IP course is found unsatisfactory or have any other discipline related issues, the university can withdraw the student from such programme without giving any reasons. The decision of the university shall be the final in these matters.