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Teaching and Evaluation

  1. Course(s) taught by a single instructor (theory) is referred to as single section course and course(s) taught by group of instructors in more than one section is referred to as multi-section courses.

  2. The teacher for single section course or associated with multi-section courses is referred to as Instructor.

  3. In case of multi-section courses one of the instructors would be designated as Instructor-in-charge.

  4. A team of instructors, under the leadership of Instructor-in-charge, works together to meet all requirements of teaching, evaluation and administrative aspects of the course. The Instructor-in- charge has the responsibility of conducting the course with the cooperation from all instructors as a team.

  5. From the definition of clause 6.03 it is obvious that the instructor-in-charge has to be an instructor

  6. for any one theory section.
  7. Course handout would be given to the students on the first week of commencement of the program.

  8. The process of evaluation will be continuous throughout the semester and involves components such as sessional tests, quizzes, surprise quiz, assignments, and practical examination etc. constituting a total weightage of 50% of total marks.

  9. Comprehensive Examination will carry a total weightage of 50% of total marks.

  10. In order to maintain transparency in evaluation, the evaluated answer sheets will be shown to the students within one week of conducting the exam. If a student is not convinced with the marks awarded, he/she can apply for recheck. However, the student can apply for recheck on the day of returning the answer sheet within the classroom only.

  11. It is the responsibility of the Instructor-in-charge to display solution key on the notice board or communicate to students through digital media immediately after the evaluation component with evaluation scheme. The Instructor should stick to the marking scheme announced while checking the answer sheets.

  12. Submission of final Grades to the Controller of Examination is the sole responsibility of the Instructor-in-charge.

  13. It shall be the responsibility of the individual student to appear in all evaluation components. However, due to medical exigencies (getting admitted to hospital), if a student cannot appear for any evaluation component, must immediately approach the instructor-in-charge so that the instructor-in-charge, if satisfied as to the bonafide of the request, can forward the request to Head of the Department concerned. If, on a rare occasion, a student anticipates a genuine difficulty of meeting the date of the component of evaluation, he would do well to take his instructor-in-charge into confidence prior to the event. The decision of the HOD / Dean of the concerned School in all matters of makeup shall be the final.

  14. Controller of Examination will arrange for make-up of evaluation component on scheduled date.