Yoga is a practise which brings harmony between mind and body and music brings serenity to life.

In accordance to that student council and Ncc wing Bahra University celebrated international day of yoga and International music day on this ocassion students and staff joined the sessions through virtual mediums.

Variety of yoga asan were performed with chanting of mantras and prayers but the main highlight was surya namaskar as it includes steps which generates energy and controls the flow of energy. It was demonstrated by students of university.

The whole event was managed by student council and Ncc wing Bahra University.
Registrar Bahra University added that University always emphasises the contribution of students towards the devolpment. Director admission and marketing also added that India is fortunate enough that the day is celebrated as international day for yoga which has made India proud.
On this ocassion Registrar Bahra University. Director Admission & Marketing were also present. with staff/Deans/HODs/faculty.

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