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Vice Chancellor Message

Prof.(Dr) Kiran Arora

Vice Chancellor Message

Dear Students and Parents

I feel elated to welcome you to the fold of Bahra University,Solan. I also appreciate your choice of being a part of this leading university of the region. Bahra University, Solan is ranked among the best universities In the country, particularly in trijunction of Punjab, Harayana and Himachal.The university has created a slot for itself in the region for various reasons. Holistic development of its students is its stated mission. Besides, it is committed to providing real education to the students. Its vision is crystal clear: it dreams to chisel and nurture a breed of young and talented fellows who can take the nation to the pinnacles of glory. It also wishes to inculcate a robust value system in them.The university believes in the dictum of ‘ Fatherhood of God and brotherhood of mankind’.To dig out and drill emotions of love, compassion and tolerance into the anatomy and psychology of its students is what the university strives for. To us, education is a tool of transformation.True education turned Siddharth to Buddha and Karam Chand Mohan Chand Gandhi to Mahatma. Hence,we know, to a great extent, the true meaning of education. We know it is an amplifier. Just look at the word ‘EDUCATION’.The word subsumes all the five vowels ( a,e,i,o,u). Vowel sounds lend music to language. Similarly,true education adds music and meaning to life. It pitches man to new heights; it enlightens him. At the university, we struggle day and night to achieve this sacred goal.The university is alive to the trends that are currently sweeping the academic world. It is fully geared to meet, understand and adopt these latest trends.The design of its curriculum is based on the latest trends( NEP-2020). Besides, it has built its infrastructure relating ICT,on lines with the latest requirements.The thrust on research and innovation has been an article of faith with us. So, we have immensely invested in it. To keep both mind and body flt and agile.our ever buzzing sports wing offers ample opportunities to our students.

We top in extra-curricular activities.

Dear Students, once again welcome you to this grand seat of knowledge. Together, we can achieve everything. I wish all of you a pleasant stay on the campus.

  Academically yours,

  Prof.(Dr) Kiran Arora                                                                                                                                

At Bahra University, our focus is not only on producing graduates who are market ready, but also making them good citizens of the country. We strongly believe in the philosophy of education beyond classroom. Most of the programmes offered by the University will have one full semester Internship program.  This full semester Internship program is a unique selling point of our University where our students work for one full semester in the industry on live projects. As an alternate to the full semester Internship Programme, students have Thesis / Dissertation (where students work for one full semester on research project) / Entrepreneurial Projects.

In our university, we offer flexible academic structure which enable students to tailor their resume the way they want. Students can chose their elective courses across the discipline. Curricula at Bahra University will be updated regularly which caters to the requirements of market. Students will have the platform for productive co-curricular and healthy extracurricular activities. Students of our university has won several prizes in state level and National level platforms. At Bahra University, we involve students in Community and Social Welfare activities as well. Needless to say, at Bahra University the prime focus will be on holistic development of students. With all these initiatives, a student graduating from Bahra University will be enabled, empowered and equipped enough to face the global challenges with ease and comfort. Our graduates will be leaders of tomorrow, with all stellar qualities.

Bahra University will be a platform for students to discover themselves. Our university is dedicated to the discovery, development, dissemination and application of knowledge in the chosen fields with a mission to expand the scale and scope of human understanding and thereby contributing to the betterment of the world. A few years down the line, we would like to be counted as one amongst the preferred universities in the country.               

I am sure that you will make the best use of this invaluable opportunity to build your future at Bahra University. I am confident that the outstanding faculty and state-of-the art infrastructure of our University will inspire and motivate students to achieve excellence in your chosen field. With these few words, I once again welcome you to the world of experiential learning at Bahra University.