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S. Gurvinder Singh Bahra

Education for building incredible developed society was our dream for which, investments in the form of funds, talent and energies were made for years together without thinking of the returns thereon. It is a fact that only education is the way to succeed and the institutions of higher learning have an unforgettable tremendous role. Excellence in education could be ensured if such investments had taken place for establishing the network of educational institutions including school, college and university level education which need quality resources including human resource and substantial infrastructure. Bahra University in the Shimla Hills is one of such institutions facilitating students of different states of India and from across the world to get quality education. The University is equipped with technological network, labs, library infrastructure, accommodation, service facilitation, hostels and all other necessities for students, staff and others involved in the process of service dissemination in the University Campus. The University has facilitated dedicated and output oriented team of teaching fraternity, administrative team and ministerial staff who are collectively working as a coordinated package of service delivery promised for dissemination of quality education and facilitation with convenience. The results of such a promised group and infrastructure have led to distinguish the institution in comparison to the others as one of the leading institutions of higher learning in Himachal Pradesh. We firmly promise to establish new foundation stones by encouraging and involving the entire team and students to prove the potential of the University in academia and research. For this, apart from having sufficient facilities and infrastructure, we would not get hesitant to invest on retrieval and development purposes as per the contemporary requirements. We assure students to seek admission in Bahra University and get benefit of quality learning, education and to excel in their career.