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Grades and Reports

At the end of all evaluation components based on the performance of the student, each student is awarded with letter grade on a relative scale. The list of letter grades and its connotation are given below:

The grades A and F will be earned and remaining grades will be awarded. Needless to say, the university uses Hybrid Grading System.

(b) To earn an O grade, the overall score has to be ≥ 80% of total marks
(c) A student getting less than 35% of overall score will be considered to have earned F grade. However, in practice based courses (courses where L-T-P structure indicates practical component), the student has to obtain 35% individually in both theory and practical).
(d) A student who obtains F grade has to reappear for the comprehensive examination. However, such a student need not attend the classes and marks obtained in sessional tests, surprise quiz, other evaluation components and attendance will be carried for the subsequent attempts of the student. For clearing an F grade the student can also appear in summer term if courses are offered.
(e) In case a student who has earned F grade, after the student has fulfilled all the requirements for passing it will be converted into a valid grade by considering grade cutoffs of the batch in which he/she had appeared for the course for the 1 st time.
(f) The overall performance of the student will be described by Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) and will be calculated taking into consideration grade obtained by the student in all credited courses and credits attached to it. It is the weighted average of the grade points of all the letter grades obtained in credited courses by the student from his entry into the University. The CGPA is computed as follows:

Where c 1 ,c 2 ….. c g denotes credits associated with the course applied and g 1 , g 2 …denotes grades
obtained by the student.

(g) At the end of each semester the university issues grade sheet indicating the CGPA of
the student. However, grade sheet will not be issued to the student if he/she has any

  • outstanding dues.
    The Instructor-in-charge can award the following reports depending on the cases:
  • GP (Grade Pending) is awarded in situations where Instructor-in-charge cannot communicate the grade in time because of operational difficulties. The GP report has to be converted into valid grade by the Instructor-in-charge at a later stage.
  • RC (Registration Cancelled) is awarded to a student in situations when the registration for the course is cancelled by the University.
  • DIP (Discontinued from Program) is awarded in situations where RC amounts to discontinuation from the program or student discontinue his studies.
  • Q (Qualified) is awarded in situations when a student registers for audited course (courses carrying no credit) and passes.
  • NQ (Not Qualified) is awarded in situations when a student registers for audited course and fails.
  • NA (Not Attended) is awarded to the student if the student has shortage of attendance. When student is given NA he/she has to repeat the course. It should be noted here that NA is different from F grade. For a student with F grade his/her attendance and attendance marks will be carried forward. While for a student awarded with NA Report has to attend the classes.